Transforming America into the World’s Battery

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Cam MacPherson, Universal Energy

The lights loom low in a besieged corner of L'Hostaria. The air is energized and heavy. Cam MacPherson is the catalyst. He cracks and whips between vaults of verbal acclimation and long pauses of tense purpose.

The look in his eyes is steely, determined, hardened... yet filled with a hint of deep wistfulness. This matters.

For six years Cam, an Aspen Entrepreneur who spends his days building systems for the likes of the Juilliard School, has been writing a book on Universal Energy. The concept is simple: rather than creating one-off energy solutions that do not communicate, we standardize production and bring four unique technologies together to create a closed loop system, utilizing one’s waste for the other’s fuel. In doing so, America becomes the world’s battery. Greenly.

Sitting here though, trading barbs and points, the depth of his motivation is profound. It’s gripping, even saddening. Let’s take a step back…

The morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 changed the world, but few more personally than Cam’s. Cam’s mother was booked on the flight that struck the second tower. That morning Cam watched his mom smash into that building. Over, and over, and over again.

He would later find out that his mother had rebooked her flight and coincidentally avoided death, but on that fateful day he believed he watched his mother die. This affected him deeply.

Like a whoopie cushion hit by a bus, Cam was flattened, immobilized, deadened. That day, and in the months that followed, Cam wandered dazed and bleek, the lifeforce succked from his center. All he could think of was why?

Cam had always wanted to grow up in a world of meaningful discovery and progress. Where the collective moved forward, not backward. Yet this was no longer his reality. He feared the events of that day had set in motion a series of events and reprisals that would set humanity back across continents. From the Arab Peninsula to Texas, a domino had fallen.

At University, Cam searched for this why. Studying political science, international relations and conflict studied, he found himself pouring over letters of soldiers of opposing armies in battles that killed over a million people, and shook at how similar they all sounded. He saw pictures of teenage girls crucified naked on crosses, coal-coated workers who were literally dying to provide for their families, and vultures devouring famished children. He searched and chafed.

Applying his background in technical systems to political and legal systems, Cam noticed a pattern. At the base of each and every one of these conflicts was one thing: resource scarcity.

If resource scarcity was the kindle to the fire of reciprocal violence, then Cam would intermediate it. By creating a system to reduce or eliminate that scarcity, he would smother the fire before ignition, thus discovering his why.

Cam did not want to fight people - he wanted to fight the thing that makes them fight. As long as he drew breath, this would be his calling. Universal Energy was born.  

...Back to the present Cam has just left an event in Aspen where he was able to present his idea to Jared Polis, Congressman of Boulder Colorado, and Gubernatorial candidate running on an energy independent future. As he shared his concept, eyes illuminated, shoulders raised and questions flowed. This was his first big pitch.

It was not perfect, that resonates in his restlessness; but it was good, that emanates in his glow. Most importantly though, this was a start.

This is a long, difficult road, but Cam has perseverance and grit. His eyes are steely and those by his side will not let him slide. They can’t. Universal Energy is too big. Too important.  

After six years, Cam has just begun. How will you help Cam and Universal Energy?

Universal Energy is a book that discusses how we can solve resource scarcity and climate change with advanced energy technology. It provides blueprints how how we can take the best energy technologies we have available, and design them to work together from the ground-up. This approach can dramatically increase the potential energy at our command while at the same time lowering costs and environmental impact. Making energy inexpensive and abundant allows us to synthetically produce critical resources to unlimited scales, solving the most pressing problems our time while empowering us to build our civilization to greater heights.

Check out for more information, to purchase the book, and to support this project. We highly recommend meeting Cam, reading Universal Energy, and consider about how you can participate and help change the world!