Prioritizing Wellness

Prioritizing Wellness

Aspen City of Wellbeing Provides Regular Meditation to Aspen Entrepreneurs


Aspen Entrepreneurs is excited to partner with Aspen City of Wellbeing to bring a regular meditation practice to our co-working space! Aspen Entrepreneurs are unique in that we take care of and prioritize our bodies, minds, and community - it's what sets us apart and makes us more purposeful, and more profitable.

Starting August 17th and recurring bi-weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our HQ, Aspen City of Wellbeing will be present from 11:30am - noon to provide mindful meditation specifically for entrepreneurs, free of charge.

Aspen City of Wellbeing strives to create a deeply connected community where the human spirit flourishes. This bi-weekly wellness series connects movement and breath into a mindful meditation, geared towards creatives + entrepreneurs. So come join us for our bi-weekly brain-reboot meditation to be your best, most productive self! View our events feed for dates and times of each session.

Namaste Aspen