Connectivity to the Market

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Matt Doyle, FATMAP


Close your eyes. Take a step forward to the edge of the trail. Straighten your back. Raise the crown of your head. Take a deep breath. Inhale luck... exhale possibility... open your eyes.

Look out at our beautiful little town, red with brick and stone, encircled by leaves lapping it with kindness. We’re lucky, oh so lucky. That’s how I feel. That’s how Matt feels. And he’s made his luck, for good reason.

Matthew Doyle is of FATMAP, the world’s most advanced 3D mapping platform for outdoor adventure recreation. His maps will allow you to more seamlessly, more safely, and more connectedly access the backcountry. As he sees it, to more fully realize your potential and connection to place and person.

That’s why we are here, on Ajax, at 4 pm. The idea was to do an interview, but I just can’t escape the gravity of Matt’s love for this place. The upturn on his face as he looks out over the Wheeler, the way his hands brush the tall grass with grace and suppleness. The light that emanates from his eyes when he talks about his new friends and visitors. The energy that vibrates in the still air as he talks about his product.

He loves this stuff, and he loves this place, this town, Aspen.

For Matt, it’s about connectivity. Connectivity to the market. You can’t design a product for people if you don’t know what they want. You can’t design maps for mountains when you're in New York. I mean, you can, but you're missing something, you're out of touch.

You can’t be your best self and you show up as you want without happiness, contentment, and community. You have to ground in your locale.

Digital jobs don't solely breed nomads, they also breed citizens and community members. Tech doesn't always displace local industries, it also supports and amplifies them. New people do not always degrade identity, often they strengthen our sense of self. This is why we build bridges, not walls, why we connect, not cloister.

The hike continues, wafting over soft dips and crests, the orange hue of low light pierces the trees and warms the cheeks.

Matt loves Aspen; it fuels him. Aspen Entrepreneurs love Matt; he feeds up. Aspen needs to find a way to love Matt and FATMAP, because he, and it, are good for all of us.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and step forward..breath. This is the future, and it starts today. Get excited because possibility awaits.

Thanks for that Matt.