Entrepreneurs Need Wellbeing to Thrive

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Aspen City of Wellbeing


The Aspen City of Wellbeing is a Roaring Fork Valley non-profit committed to shifting culture towards an optimal state of wellbeing for all. Entrepreneurs need wellbeing to thrive. The well need purpose to strive. We recently launched a partnership to support one another. We are both non-profits, run like businesses. We are both innovators solving real world problems given existing boundary conditions and the tools at our disposal. 

I sat down with Executive Director and Programming Director Jess Ewart and Nicole Lindstrom (spoiler alert they are both AWESOME!) and talked about what City of Wellbeing does, how they do it, their own entrepreneurial journeys, and a bunch of non-sequiturs. Here is a snippet of what came up. 


To learn more, visit www.aspencityofwellbeing.org or join us at our twice weekly Entrepreneurs Brain Reboots. You can also join us at our new Entrepreneurs Track at the Lead With Love retreat October 26-28, 2017. AE members receive 10% off tickets before 9/30/17 with promo code AELEADERS10.