Lori Kret + Jeff Cole Offer Aspen Couples a Breath of Fresh Air

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Aspen Relationship Coaching


This week we got to sit down with Lori Kret and Jeff Cole, the newly married duo behind Aspen Relationship Coaching. Their enthusiasm is boundless and their experience grounding.

These guys know their stuff and bring such a breath of fresh air to a stale coaching and counseling scene in Aspen. So we had to know: what exactly is it that makes them so special? How do they think about relationships? What can we learn from them and how can we help them grow?

Here's how it went:

What makes you, and thus Aspen Relationship Coaching, unique?

"We practice what we preach. We would never ask a client to take on a task or practice we have not explored in our own lives. We would not ask of a client to consider anything we have not considered for ourselves or our partner in our own relationship." 

How do you define success in a relationship?

"A relationship's success is not necessarily based on if the relationship lasts, it's about how each individual grows and adapts. You should judge your relationship not solely on the union, but on the enduring respect for each other, that brings your best selves to the table. That is the highest outcome. Its about finding your most authentic self. "

How do you know when it's your time to be an entrepreneur?

"I was at a point where I had had enough with the corporate bureaucracy, the system, the limitations that came with an 8-5 job. Even though it was later in life, I was over 50, I had accumulated enough that I was done and wanted to take charge of my life. To have the ability to make different decisions than I could as an employee. I would tell the entrepreneur, no matter the age, to have a real internal dialog. If what you are doing is successful and working, great. But if you're dissatisfied with what you have or what you're doing, go for it.

How is being an entrepreneur different in Aspen?

"Lori: There are strengths and challenges right off the bat. You have a much smaller immediate client pool, but it's exciting because there is less competition in your niche. Because it's such small community you feel you have people to turn to in times of need."
"Jeff: I don't think so, I think that's changed since we met AE."

What has the AE community meant to you?

" Lori: It has been inspiring, energizing, and created hope to hold us through when things are trying. It has immensely expedited our growth as a business in that we would still be struggling to figure out things that we were working on three weeks ago. It has helped remove the foggy unknown and helped bring clarity to the what we need to do each day, each week, to get where we want."
"Jeff: It's created a whole supportive community that we’ve never met."

Lori and Jeff met as colleagues, working together for years as licensed therapists with couples in all stages and states of relationship. They discovered a much deeper connection and journeyed through the joys and challenges of dating to create a marriage that is powerful, tender, raw and intimate. They established Aspen Relationship Coaching as culmination of years of experience guiding couples to fulfillment and their own profound passion for authentic connection.

Check out aspenrelationshipcoaching.com for more information and to get in touch with Lori + Jeff. We highly recommend meeting them and enjoying a conversation at the very least!