Introducing CHANCE Meetings


It may go without saying, but AE’s “Why” is to help accelerate and amplify the success of young, local entrepreneurs. Over the past year, our startup community — mentors, teachers, board members, investors, civic leaders, media partners, local businesses, service providers, restauranteurs, sister nonprofits — has come out in droves to assist the entrepreneurs in our Cohort Programs reach new heights and shine!  It has truly been a group effort and AE is grateful for every ounce of love shown for our mountain communities future vitality through our organization. 

Our next big ask of you?  

Come see the next generation of rising business stars in Aspen and the Valley present their companies which range from farming to fun aggregation, dream-weaving to textile weaving, and essential oils to oils on canvas!

Since our inception, these local founders have shown up for themselves, each other, workshops, events, and everything in between to make AE blossom into the nonprofit it is today.  Without our driven entrepreneurs, AE would be all talk

So, we look forward to seeing you all this coming Tuesday night at our inaugural CHANCE event in AE's new space.  The evening will be full of cocktails, connections, company pitches and lively conversation!  


Julie Engels
Executive Director of AE