Insatiable Curiosity


Chef C. Barclay Dodge, owner of BOSQ and our showcase guest this week, embodies the one ingredient I most savor in entrepreneurs — insatiable curiosity. That hunger to be a lifelong student, using his passion for food as the vehicle for global exploration is palpable within Chef Barclay. Early on, Aspen recognized and nurtured his teenaged talent and Charif Souki went so far as to help put him through Culinary School, where the next decade of arduous apprenticeship commenced. 

Entrepreneurship invites us to come to the party with a honed skill set, that by definition sets us apart from the common milieu. A seat at the table requires mastery. “I cook in my head,” world-renowned Chef Alain Ducasse once explained. Applied to his personal process, Chef Barclay’s deft craftsmanship allows him to envision culinary works of art before ever sharpening a knife. This freedom to innovate finds its roots in having peeled, guessing here, over a million carrots.

Innovation finds its richest soil at the intersection of humility, discipline, expertise and risk. Talk of local farming legend Brook LeVan found its way into last night’s conversation. Although Brook's agricultural resume speaks volumes, Brook considers himself a soil builder, first and foremost. In relaying this fact, Chef Barclay marvels about a dish he served starring potatoes grown in Brook’s earth, which transformed its essence into a burst of flavor. 

I’d like to think AE’s mission aligns with the entrepreneurial journey of a chef in the making. Passion, fertile ground, training, hours practice, mentorship, and then, at last…a unique recipe the world needs to taste, crave and obsess over the next chance to indulge. Speaking of which, if you’ve yet to experience an evening in BOSQ, please place your palette in Chef Barclay's care. All five of your senses will thank you!


Julie Engels
Executive Director of AE