Meet our fall 2016 class


Maker + Place

Maker and Place offers one-of-a-kind handcrafted home and lifestyle ware sourced from all over the world. 

AE cohort member Michaela Carpenter-Olson brings production into the retail environment with Maker + Place by offering open-air studios to local craftspeople and by inviting the customer to take part in the creation process.



BLK MKT is a concept store, art gallery, and cafe that is the brainchild of clothing designers Mike Delaney and Sammy Steen, who spend springs producing their collection in Indonesia, summers commercial fishing in Alaska, and winters in Aspen, Colorado. 

AE cohort member Sam Steen conceptualized the BLK MKT to create a platform to bring together like-minded individuals that have been inspiring along the way. 


Messenger Aspen

Messenger Aspen is an online event guide for the town of Aspen, Colorado, and the neighboring resort town of Snowmass Village. We specialize in nightlife and music, as well as party planning and event coordination.

AE cohort members Pheobe Loyd + Stephanie Janigo love that our unique valley provides so many fun and dynamic things to do, thus providing the platform for streamlining them all into once place. Messenger Aspen aims to make sure both locals and tourists alike are in the know of whats the 411 of Aspen!