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Heal Connection. Empower Love Series. Part 1

  • Maker + Place 315 East Hyman Avenue Aspen, CO, 81611 United States (map)

Heal Connection. Empower Love.

A 5 part series with Aspen Relationship Coaching

Join Jeff Cole + Lori Kret, the incredible duo behind Aspen Relationship Coaching, as they use their special couple-to-couple relationship coaching approach to lead you in this 5 part series!  

Creating (and re-creating) real trust in your relationship: Learn how every relationship has built-in trust busters, and how you and your partner can rise above them.

In this first of our 5 part series, we’ll help you build an understanding of what deep trust in your partner really looks (and feels) like. You’ll learn the common and subtle ways trust erodes, and a simple framework to ignite trust that endures. 

***Can be attended individually.***

Quiz: How strong is my relationship trust today? 
Read below and answer for yourself how strongly you agree with each statement. 

1. My partner is consistently faithful and reliable and I feel at ease when he/ she is socializing without me. 

2. My partner is dependable, following through on what he/ she says. 

3. I don't feel a desire to check my partner’s phone or email. 

4. Even when I don’t know how my partner will react, I feel comfortable telling him/her what I’m thinking and feeling.

5. I anticipate the best possible outcome in interactions and plans with my partner. 

6. In times of struggle or challenge, I know my partner takes both of our needs into account

7. I openly talk to my partner about my sexual needs and wishes